Floating Pump manufacturer:How to judge the fire pump new and old


1. The packaging of products of the original Pump or supporting manufacturers is generally standard and the writing is clear and regular. The Floating Pump manufacturer shows detailed product names, registered trademarks, specifications and models, factory names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Counterfeit accessories are generally coarse packaging, factory address, factory name printing is not clear, incomplete;

Two, qualified fire pump surface smooth, good workmanship. Floating Pump Manufacturer The more important components are, the higher the processing accuracy is, and the more stringent the rust-proof and anticorrosive packages are. When purchasing, if it is found that the parts have rust spots or rubber parts cracking, losing elasticity or the surface of the journal has bright processing grain, it may not be the original accessories;

Three, although the appearance of the inferior pump is sometimes good. However, due to the poor production process, it is easy to be damaged. When buying, as long as you observe the hidden parts such as the edges and corners of the accessories, you can see the quality of the accessories process;


Four, some pumps are refurbished with waste accessories, as long as the accessories can be found after the surface paint. Important parts such as the brake system, driving system accessories if the use of such refurbished parts, it is easy to occur danger;

5. In order to ensure that the assembly relationship of fire Pump meets the technical requirements, some normal parts are marked with assembly marks to ensure the correct installation of parts. If the Floating Pump manufacturer is unmarked or indistlegible, it indicates that the parts are not qualified.

Six, to buy parts to the car, to see if it can and accessories have a good match. General original accessories can be well allocated to the car, and inferior accessories due to the process is not fine, processing error is large, so it is difficult to cooperate with the parts;

Seven, the normal fire pump parts must be complete and intact, to ensure the smooth loading and normal operation. Some small parts are missing, it is easy to start loading the car, which may be fake parts;

Eight, some important accessories, factory generally with instructions, certification, in order to guide the user installation, use and maintenance, counterfeit generally will not have a detailed installation instructions to guide these.

Whether the fire pump is renovated, we judge according to the above operation methods, to help you buy new products rather than refurbished products, to avoid being cheated, we must go to the regular manufacturers to buy

Post time: Aug-25-2022